About Democracy International

Democracy International offers expertise and practical, field-based experience across the entire range of democracy, human rights, governance, and conflict-mitigation programming and in every region of the world. Since its founding in 2003, DI has worked in more than 70 countries, including some of the world's most challenging environments.

DI provides technical assistance, analytical services, and project implementation for democracy, human rights, governance, conflict-mitigation, and other international development programs worldwide. DI has carried out more than 140 projects for USAID, the U.S. Department of State, and other development partners. We work with civil society organizations, political parties, election management bodies, national and local government agencies, legislatures, academic and research institutions, and justice-sector bodies, among many others.

DI is committed to innovation and excellence in its work with partners around the world to:

* promote participatory, resilient, and inclusive political processes and government institutions;
* support institutions and leaders to be accountable to citizens and to the law;
* protect and promote universally recognized human rights;
* promote the integration of democracy, human rights, and governance principles and practices across development programming, including in the areas of health, education, economic growth, agriculture, public financial management, and natural resource management; and
* advance conflict management and mitigation strategies to promote long-term stabilization and to support peaceful, resilient societies.