Kabul, April 7 – U.S.-based Democracy International congratulates the citizens of Afghanistan on their participation in the country's presidential and provincial council elections and urges transparency and patience throughout the results tabulation process.



CNN News reports on Democracy International's international observation mission to the Egypt constitutional referendum on January 14 and 15, 2014. Democracy International sent a team of 83 international observers to 23 out of 27 governorates across the country. 

Democracy International to Observe Egyptian Constitutional Referendum

Cairo, Jan 7 – U.S.-based Democracy International announced today it would field an international
election observation mission to Egypt’s upcoming constitutional referendum. DI will deploy more
than 80 international observers to 23 governorates to witness the conduct of voting and counting for the constitutional referendum scheduled for January 14 and 15. This will be the largest international observation mission for this referendum. DI is conducting the mission at the invitation of the High Electoral Commission of Egypt (HEC).

Democracy International continues to provide USAID and other international development agencies with high-quality analytical services and support, including assessments, evaluations, special studies, and survey research. In the last few months, DI has begun work on nine new analytical projects, including work in Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, the Central America and the Caribbean regions, Ghana, Jordan, Liberia, Tanzania, and Washington, DC.