DI - Bangladesh prepares opening of new Women and Youth Center in Sylhet in April

As part its efforts to strengthen the political engagement of women and youth in political parties in Bangladesh, Democracy International will launch its regional Women and Youth Center in the city of Sylhet next month. The fourth in a network of regional centers, DI’s work in Sylhet will support more political participation by women and youth at the local level. Some planned activities include information sessions on research skills, communications, advocacy and public speaking and presentation.

The Women and Youth Centers are part of DI’s Democratic Participation and Reform project in Bangladesh, which is funded by USAID and began in 2011. The project is designed to work with the Bangladeshi political parties, civil society groups, and individual women and young people to promote democratic, issue-based politics in Bangladesh.

In addition to the new Center in Sylhet, DI operates a headquarters in Dhaka and three other Women and Youth Centers in the cities of Bogra, Khulna and Chittagong. In total, there are seven Centers planned.

Sylhet will also host DI’s next Town Hall Meeting, called “Prospects for a Neutral Election: What Does Holding a Neutral Election Really Mean and How to Achieve One". The event, on April 2, will be held in two parts: in the first one, participants will work in small groups and give a presentation, and in the second, elected representatives from Sylhet will be invited to take part in a panel discussion. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with the panelists through a question and answer session.

This town hall event is part of a series that began last summer designed to create increased opportunities for constituents and local
political and civil activists to participate in Bangladeshi politics.

Learn more about our program in Bangladesh here.