DI Launches Middle East Election Monitoring Innovation Program

DI recently launched a new initiative to introduce cutting-edge domestic election monitoring techniques in the Middle East, leveraging its experience with elections and political processes over the past decade to address recent political developments and increased citizen demand for more innovative methods of fostering accountability and transparency throughout the region. In partnership with civil society organizations and with support from the Middle East Partnership Initiative of the U.S. Department of State, DI aims to foster a community of learning for election observation. Throughout the course of the program, DI and its partners will develop and pilot new methodologies to train and deploy observers and to collect and analyze data that rely on advanced technologies and incorporate new realities in the field of domestic election monitoring. In the coming months, DI will begin a series of regional workshops and launch an online learning community for election monitoring groups to share experiences and collaborate on new approaches.

DI’s approach recognizes the value of knowledge sharing and collaboration. In this spirit, we invite you to contribute to this initiative by expressing your interest in receiving updates on our efforts and opportunities to participate in online workshops. Please contact Michael Baldassaro at mbaldassaro@democracyinternational.com.