Project Description

In July 2015 Democracy International worked with USAID/Nicaragua to conduct a mid-term performance evaluation of the Capacity Building for Civil Society Program (CBCS), the Civil Society Grants Program (CSGP), and a component of the Municipal Governance Program (MGP) related to civil society organizational development. The evaluation focused on assessing the projects’ performance against program goals, benchmarks, associated deliverables, and outcomes. It assessed program results against USAID’s overall objectives and intermediate and sub-intermediate results. Through its evaluation, DI achieved the following project objectives: (1) review two civil society programs (CBCS and CSGP) and the organizational development component of the MGP, as well as the role of the various stakeholders involved in program implementation, and evaluate how these programs are contributing to IR 1.2 Advocacy for Democratic Processes Increased; (2) provide USAID with information and analysis to help make management decisions in a changing political environment and determine whether, when, and how to continue future support to Nicaraguan civil society organizations; and (3) provide recommendations on the design, implementation, and management of future civil society programs in Nicaragua.





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