Promoting Free Elections

Democracy International works to promote free and legitimate elections through monitoring, election administration strengthening, and supporting democratic political parties.

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Building Accountable Institutions

Democracy International supports transparent and accountable governance by increasing citizens' ability to hold their governments accountable.

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Supporting Citizen Voice and Participation

Democracy International supports citizen participation by building democratic civil societies and strengthening open and impartial access to information.

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Where We Work

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"Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy" - Martin Luther King, Jr., August 28, 1963 #ihaveadream 11 hours 54 min ago
Presidential kickbacks from defrauding the government might have once been acceptable in #Guatemala. Not any longer. 1 day 10 hours ago
"But the hard work must now begin to form a trans. government of nat. unity to realize and sustain this peace for people of #SouthSudan" 2/2 2 days 7 hours ago
"Today’s agreement to end the hostilities in #SouthSudan is a necessary step forward for peace" - Jed Ober, DI Director of Programs 1/2 2 days 7 hours ago
South Sudanese President Salva #Kiir signs #peace deal today in Juba, #SouthSudan with "serious reservations" 2 days 10 hours ago
Women count: DI has added 4,000 female members to party leadership committees in #Bangladesh since 2011 3 days 10 hours ago