Promoting Free Elections

Democracy International works to promote free and legitimate elections through monitoring, election administration strengthening, and supporting democratic political parties.

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Building Accountable Institutions

Democracy International supports transparent and accountable governance by increasing citizens' ability to hold their governments accountable.

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Supporting Citizen Participation

Democracy International supports citizen participation by building democratic civil societies and strengthening open and impartial access to information.

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Where We Work

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"We have taken every measure to ensure transparency in these elections" says @ISIETN rep at #ISIE_MediaCenter 2 days 9 hours ago
The average turnout rate for prez elex was 64.6%, according to an @ISIETN rep at #ISIE_MediaCenter #TnElec2014 2 days 9 hours ago
RT @IwatchTn: 98% des bureaux de vote ont ouvert leurs portes à 8h du matin #TnElec #TnPrez 2 days 12 hours ago
It's 6:00 PM in Tunis and the polls have closed #TunisiaVotes #TnElec2014 2 days 12 hours ago
DI partner @Mourakiboun_org hard at work monitoring social media on Election Day #TunisiaVotes #تونس_تنتخب 2 days 13 hours ago
RT @IFES1987: In polling centers across Tunisia, the @ISIETN displayed helpful voter information for Tunisians #TnElec2014 #TnElec http://t… 2 days 14 hours ago