Evaluation of Montenegro Legislative Strengthening Activity & Political Party Programs Report


October 31, 2011



Democracy International evaluated the Legislative Strengthening Activity and Political Party Program in Montenegro, both funded by USAID. The performance evaluation was performed to provide USAID with an objective assessment of the program’s performance and impact.

From October to December of 2011, DI’s team evaluated activities of the Legislative Strengthening Activity and the former Political Party Program, both implemented by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) from over 30 interviews conducted during a three-week field study Montenegro, interviews in Washington, DC and from available documents and published reports.

DI’s team found that NDI’s decade long program was wide-ranging and comprehensive. The program activities and support had a significant impact on Montenegro’s parliament and political parties, as well as on the functioning of some key ministries. Through guidance and support for the Center for Democratic Transition,NDI also nurtured a well-regarded election monitoring organization as it evolved into an independent watchdog NGO.

By most measurements the program was successful, but, paradoxically, it did not help the country make more significant democratic advances during the later years of the program. Should a new democracy assistance project begin, DI recommends that it shifts the focus from institutional development towards issues of accountability, participation, and representation.

Photo Credit: Aleksandr Zykov

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