July, 2014

Democracy International (DI) organized a comprehensive international observation mission for the presidential election in Egypt in May 2014. DI concluded that disregard for Egyptians' rights and freedoms prevented a genuine, democratic presidential election. This observation report details the findings of DI's mission to observe the presidential election and offers recommendations for Egypt to broaden political space and begin to improve the political environment.

Egyptelection monitoring
July, 2014

نظمت "الديمقراطية الدولية" بعثة متابعة دولية شاملة من أجل الانتخابات الرئاسية المصرية في مايو 2014، وتوصلت المنظمة إلى أن تجاهل حقوق المصريين وحرياتهم حال دون إجراء انتخابات رئاسية حقيقية وديمقراطية. ويعرض تقرير المتابعة هذا بالتفصيل النتائج التي انتهت إليها بعثة المنظمة لمتابعة الانتخابات الرئاسية كما يعرض توصيات لمصر بهدف توسيع المجال السياسي والأخذ في تحسين البيئة السياسية.

EgyptInternational Election Observation
April, 2014

Democracy International (DI) organized a comprehensive international observation mission for the constitutional referendum in Egypt on January 14 and 15, 2014. Although the actual administration of the process on the referendum days appeared to allow those citizens who participated to express their will, DI concluded that the restrictive political climate in Egypt impaired the referendum process. The referendum took place against a backdrop of arrests and detention of dissenting voices.

January, 2014

This statement details the preliminary findings of Democracy International’s election observation mission to Egypt’s 2014 constitutional referendum.

About the DI Election Observation Mission

January, 2014

In advance of presidential and provincial council elections in Afghanistan planned for April 2014, Democracy International is conducting two nationwide surveys to learn about voter preferences on key election issues, voter participation trends, and candidates. A summary of the results of the first survey can be found in the graphics below. 


November, 2013

April, 2013

DI, in partnership with the National Center for Policy Research (NCPR) at Kabul University, conducted a nationwide survey of Afghan citizens on issues related to elections and civic education. DI and NCPR administered a 63-question survey to 4,000 randomly selected Afghans in all 34 of Afghanistan’s provinces from October 1 through November 20, 2012.

November, 2012

Democracy International's (DI) nationwide survey in Afghanistan constitutes some of the most comprehensive public-opinion research to date on democracy, elections, and governance in the country. This research includes a nationally representative public opinion survey as well as extensive in-depth interviews and focus groups. To better understand how Afghans’ perceptions affect their participation, the survey focused in particular on the processes and institutions involved in the consolidation of democracy in Afghanistan.

July, 2012

From April to June 2012 Democracy International conducted the first-ever survey of sitting members of Afghanistan's Parliament focused on legislators' attitudes on issues related to elections, electoral laws and governance in Afghanistan. DI's research team conducted interviews with 176 members of parliament (MPs).

November, 2011

Democracy International evaluated the Legislative Strengthening Activity and Political Party Program in Montenegro, both funded by USAID. The performance evaluation was performed to provide USAID with an objective assessment of the program’s performance and impact.

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