Patmillia Doe Paivey

Director of Programs

Patmillia Doe Paivey is a respected Liberian lawyer with more than 15 years of experience working on USAID-funded programs in democracy, governance, and capacity building – most recently on the LMD and CSML programs. She has extensive management and supervisory experience in the USAID regulatory environment and has acted as DCOP on the aforementioned projects. In addition to her expertise in Liberian electoral, constitutional, and media law, Paivey specializes in using creative M&E tools to inform design and implementation of development programming in difficult contexts, allowing her to effectively collaborate with impact evaluators on LMD. She has worked with CSOs to support women candidates’ debate, communications and civic education strategies and to develop and implement electoral advocacy around the 2016 Affirmative Action Bill that created Special Constituencies for women, youth, and persons with disabilities. She has also partnered with local stakeholders to lead civic education activities targeting women and has conducted needs assessments and implemented capacity building workshops for CSOs and community radio stations. She has mainstreamed gender in partners’ policies, developed policy frameworks through community outreach around Liberia, and worked with CSOs on their strategic plans and institutional accountability. Paivey is an effective communicator and can navigate spaces of power in Liberia. She received an IREX Presidential Award for outstanding program results that contributed to inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable development. Ms. Paivey has extensive career experience with UN Women, Conservation International and Cities Alliance Hosted by UNOPS. Ms. Paivey is passionate about long-term peacebuilding analyzing and establishing alternative frameworks that supports community healing, justice and genuine peace and equality. She is a creative facilitator that has worked collaboratively with civil society networks, agencies and institutions including diverse groups of people at local, institutional, and governmental levels to dialogues, inform policy and drive advocacy for change.

As a hobby Paivey aspires to become a leader in interior architecture and tourism. Ms. Paivey holds a LLB from the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia where she previously earned a B.A. degree in Mass Communication and Political Science.

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